Biathlon: Victory Rogstadovej, scored Halinárová

Ruhpolding Jan. 13 (AP) Kenya online betting promotions – The winner of interesting and dramatic Pursuit Women’s 10 km in the 5th round of the Biathlon World Cup in the German resort of Ruhpolding has become a 25-year-old Nórka Solveig Rogstadová. It was not only for her debut lead, but the first ever podium in the race for the Crystal Globe and career. The track ran out of the fifth position with 38-second loss on Friday at the speed race winning Fink Kaisu Varisovú.After shooting a second item, however, he was at the forefront and has any of his 53 súperiek that the race recruited from himself let go.

The four shooting items (two lying down and two standing) managed without any hesitation and even after her famously ran a German Kati Wilhelmová, his lead has maintained and deserve in the home stretch to enjoy the unexpected triumph. The second at a distance of 12.6 to arrive Wilhelm mentioned, which, however, due to profit 46 points for the placement puts the next race yellow jersey Leaders of the overall classification.Bronze medal in Ruhpolding fought Kaisa Makarainen of Finland, which already winning Rogstadovou lagged by more than half a minute. Leader of the evaluation Pursuit is a Frenchwoman Sandrine Baillyová.

As well as perfectly Rogstadová fired and Slovak Martina Halinárová. Also because of this it has moved from 42nd position on the grid to 24th place at the finish. In the general classification as a 34-year-old Slovakian he attributed an additional 7 points and jumped two rungs above – on the 40th position.The second Slovak biathlete in the starting field of Petra Slezáková you to track added and 5 penalty laps for inaccurate shooting and the score sheet it belonged to the 42nd position.

Results – Pursuit – Women

1. Rogstadová Solveig (NOR.) 33: 43.2 min (0 penalty laps), 2. Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) +12 , 6 (2), 3. Kaisa Makarainen (FIN.) +30.9 (1), 4. Tora Bergerová (NOR.) +33.7 (1) 5.

Andrea Henkel (GER.) +34.7 (4), 6 Sandrine baillyová (France) + 39.7 (3), 7, Sylvie Becaertová (France) +44.9 (0), 8-Ravnikarová Dijana Grudičeková (SLO.) +50.2 (2) 9. Simone Denkingerová (Nem.) +53.4 (2) 10. Svetlana Slepcovová (RUS.) +53.4 (3),…24. Martina Halinárová +2: 37.5 ( 0), 42ndJanka Gereková (both SR) +4: 49.1 (5)

Overall standings in the SP after eleven races (of 26 planned)

1. Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) 349 points 2. Martina Glagowová (Nem.) 343 3 Sandrine Baillyová (France) 334 4 Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 313, 5. Andrea Henkel (GER.) 310, 6 Helena Jonssonová (Swe.) 295, 7. Jurievová Ekaterina (Rus.) 281, 8. Anna Carin Olofsson (Sweden.) 273, 9. Svetlana Slepcovová (RUS.) 252, 10. Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 251…40. Martina Halinárová (SR) 34

the order of evaluation Pursuit of three races (the planned 8)

1 Sandrine Baillyová (France) 124; 2.Kati Wilhelmová (Nem.) 123, 3. Andrea Henkel (GER.) 109, 4. Jurievová Ekaterina (Rus.) 101, 5. Tora Bergerová (NOR.) 96 6. Martina Glagowová (Nem.) 96, 7th Rogstadová Solveig (NOR.) 95 8 Sylvie Becaertová (France) 70, 9, Teja Gregorin (SLO.) 69, 10, Magdalena Neunerová (Nem.) 68,…24. Martina Halinárová (SR) 23