In the second half

Fotbalisté Sparta lost the first game of the second round of the European league in Rostov 0: 4th Home win arrange their goals Miha Mevlja Dmitry position, Christian Noboa and Sardar Azmún. Letenský played the whole 31 minutes of free excluded Tiemoko Konate, who had the field after the second yellow card, and the weakening cashed three times . Rostov, who was in the Russian winter returned from a training camp in Turkey, just two days before the game, he had the Unibet online betting promotions upper hand from the start. Twice he shook Bucharova and from the corner after his second chance to open the score Mevlja head.

Sparta came into play after half an hour when Nestor shot almost surprised goalkeeper Medvedev. When it seemed that the Unibet online betting whole Letná settled the game, he stepped on the ankle Konaté Kalačovovi and after an unnecessary second yellow card was expelled. Rostov was again up to the pressure and breaks into two power play advantage. In 38 minutes after the heart Kalačova head position and then pushed punished huge messes Spartan defense Noboa. In the second half the pace dropped significantly and home against Sparta distributed talked football. After 68 minutes, he added a fourth goal after a precious event alternating Azmún that was enforced after a minute on the pitch, and the guests shared only goal of the highest compensation Cup defeat in franchise history. One record but Sparta after all settled, when, as in 1981 with Neuchatel Xamax lost 0: 4 and recorded the highest outdoor defeat in the UEFA Cup or Sportingbet free sports bet Europa League. Locals then atone for the debacle in the replay victory 3: 2nd Only about honor will play next week at home to Rostov at Letna. Fight your way to the European Cup is the aim of the new football coach Mlada Boleslav Martin Svědík. He believes that he managed over the winter to prepare the team so that in the spring of fifth place teams chasing the top places. “Sports goals are the same as in previous years, that means sticking to the forefront and on the heels of those who are ahead of us. In a league and Unibet sport betting cup we want to do the best possible result and confirm the ambition to participate in the European Cup,” said Svědík for the club’s website. After the unsuccessful conclusion of the fall and six losses in a row Leos Kalvoda and replaced over the winter made the squad minor changes. He brought striker Lukas Zeleznik from Slavia, from Austria Vienna stopper Patrizia Stronatiho he knows of joint operation in Ostrava and Sparta loaned young midfielder James Necas and goalkeeper Victor Buda, who replaces outgoing Jakub Divis. “The current team is composed, as we have with the leadership of the club we said. Mančaft is ready physically and playroom well. Now it will be important, as what we have with the players natrénovali, reflected on the pitch in certain matches. In each Sportingbet free online bet go with that We want to win, “said Svědík.