Large-scale screenings are being prepared in a number of cities

Matches of the Czech representation at the European Championships will be able to watch people in many Czech cities on large screens. Projections will often be on squares. Maybe in Hradec Kralove, however, similar projections are not yet planned, and in Liberec the city council will only consider it in the course of the Czech retreat. In Prague, a fan club zone in Žluté lázně is already being prepared from this day, and in the Old Town Square the screening could be moved after the Czech team from the group.

People in Brno can enjoy a screening on a large screen. “We are planning a screening at the Moravian Square, the first one to be held on Monday,” said CTK spokesman of the Brno-střed city district Denisa Kapitančiková.According to her, projections for other Czech matches are planned.

The screening of all Czech matches is going on TG Masaryk Square in Příbram and also in Most where the large screen will be hanged on the building of the Town Hall. “We obtained the license for free but the condition is that it must be non-commercial, which means we can not provide any refreshment stalls,” said Mayor Mayor Jan Paparega. The accompanying program with snacks and competitions will be prepared in Příbram.

In Pardubice, the participants can watch the match of the Czech team in the Porter arena in the former distillery area, in Ostrava, on a former football ground in the South part of Ostrava, Close to aquapark.Here are just the projections of the first three games. “In the case of further fighting, it will also be possible to transfer the next matches,” said Martina Gavendova, spokeswoman for the town.

The Fan Zone in Prague’s Yellow Spa will offer three outdoor large screens and another Indoors. The program kicks off today, the opening night of the opening game day will have the subtitle “French” with respect to the venue of the championship.Admission to the premises is free of charge, the council of the capital supported the operation of the zone with two million crowns. “If the Czechs move further, we will be talking about the possible installation of a large screen in the Old Town Square,” said CTK deputy Prague Mayor Petr Dolinek (CSSD), who is in charge of sports.